• Over 94% response rate
  • Streamline bid process; compress your timeline by as much as 70%
  • Reduce bid process labor hours by up to 80%
  • Web-based tool available around the clock, around the world.
  • Automated invitation notifications and reminders
  • Automated bid scoring
  • Color-coded bid ranking
  • Data and rate validation
  • Better information gives better leverage to negotiate the best rates
  • Increased hotel bid response rate
  • Fastest response to changes in program requirements and traveler needs


Over a decade ago, Lodging Logistics set the standard in hotel RFP automation by launching ProLodgic – the premier online hotel procurement suite. ProLodgic revolutionized hotel sourcing then, and continues to lead in innovation today. Automated bid scoring, simplified bid review tools, and powerful mapping technology streamlines the sourcing process and maximizes program productivity. With ProLodgic at your side, you will find it easier than ever to navigate through the complexities of sourcing an effective hotel program. 


LodgX Sourcing is the newest alternative for strategic hotel program sourcing. Put the expertise, experience, and negotiating power of LodgX sourcing experts to work for your travel department. Our team will meet with you to determine your program objectives and expectations. Then, we'll go to work for you - creating a solicitation list, generating RFPs, confirming delivery, monitoring responses and communicating with hotel contacts to achieve response rates over 94%. We drive the negotiations for you, achieving the target rates determined by our analytics processes. You retain complete control throughout the process, with weekly status updates, direct tool access, and powerful reporting available only to LodgX Sourcing clients.


ProLodgic is an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based tool, and many of our clients prefer to work directly with it. ProLodgic streamlines and simplifies the hotel RFP process, putting a suite of powerful tools at your fingertips. We take the work and worry out of the processes of bidding and negotiating, so you can complete your program faster than ever. An easy-to-use interface, sophisticated decision support tools, and an innovative bid process manager give you the power to build an effective hotel program with ease. Our world-class Service Delivery Team is ready and waiting to assist and give guidance whenever necessary.