Better Results:

Analytics & powerful reporting provide verification and indications of additional opportunities

  • PORT - ProLodgic Online Reporting Tool
  • Track savings, maximize return-on-investment
  • Over 50 popular, powerful reports
  • Customizable to satisfy any reporting need
  • Automated bid scoring
  • Hotel Program Savings Analysis Report

Better Results

Powerful Analytics and Flexible Reporting

ProLodgic’s management and analytic tools are designed to help you increase traveler compliance, increase savings, and maximize return-on-investment. ProLodgic’s suite of tools empowers you to identify trends, track savings, reveal areas of opportunity, and collaborate with your hotel program stakeholders to achieve your objectives


Lodging Logistics offers PORT – the ProLodgic Online Reporting Tool – as an exclusive service to our customers. We offer over 50 popular, powerful reports carefully constructed to present achieved program objectives, summarize program status, and reveal opportunities for further program development. PORT accommodates any file or format requirement. Individual program requirements can be addressed through specific customizations. We can even build unique reports for you. Click here for a list of reports available (hyperlink to PORT page)

Automated Bid Scoring

Sorting through bids to determine which hotels offer the best value and mix of services and amenities your travelers require can be extremely complex and time-consuming. Comparing bids side-by-side becomes very difficult when rate seasons vary between hotels. ProLodgic offers the most sophisticated, streamlined decision-support tool available on the market today. Every single bid is automatically scored and ranked upon submission according to your custom-defined criteria. Results are viewed in simple color-coded views, with the option to drill down for complete details.

Hotel Program Savings Analysis Report

Our Strategic Sourcing solution provides a unique and powerful wrap-up of the implemented sourcing strategy. The Hotel Program Savings Analysis Report is a complete analysis demonstrating the full value of the hotel program we have implemented for you. It consists of eight specific sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Total project spend & estimated program savings
  • Cluster Performance Recap
  • Top Chain analysis
  • Year over year comparisons
  • Savings versus Initial Bid Analysis
  • Target Rate Analysis
  • Bid Requirements Analysis

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